Hey friends and family.  Yesterday April and I took Kaden out to capture his 6 month pictures.  We went to the Empire Mine which provides a TON of photography options – we were only there for 25 minutes and came out with over 200 pictures (I paired them down to about 40 at home:))!  Here are 10 of the best we took that day…



I really wanted the picture to feel like fall, which meant leaves.  We got some leaf shots, but in the end, I don’t think they were our best…


Kaden likes to eat anything he can touch, so he had a great time with all of those leaves!


April and Kaden sitting in the leaves with the sun behind them…



This is the same spot with Kaden standing – he is getting really tall!


Kaden is really interested in people, and there were some ladies behind us here that really captured his attention…


Still looking at those ladies:)


This is back in the garden area at the mine.  It was nice that Kaden can sit by himself, but let me tell you, getting him to sit with anything resembling stillness was a challenge!


Crawling on the bricks.


I believe this was the shot of the day for us.  This is the one we will be printing and hanging in our home…

010One last shot on our way out…