This last week, April, Kaden, Blazer and I were able to go camping with April’s parents at Half Moon Bay.  Below are several pictures from our trip!

Kaden enjoys “Nana’s” lap


One foggy morning Blazer got to run free on the beach for a bit


Our dog has it rough, doesn’t he?


April, Nana, and Kaden on the same foggy morning


This is the first time Kaden has seen an ocean


Kaden was really interested in the birds, so April made a game of chasing them with him


Personally, I think she looks a bit intense about it:)


All the birds sufficiently chased, they head back to camp


The was the view back at camp.  I’m sorry, it just looked like a scene from a trailor park, so I had to shoot it.


April’s parents enjoying the ocean literally feet from our campsite


April and Kaden on the beach


Here I am with him


OK, so we actually abuse our dog.  Coaxing failed, April tries brute force to get Blaze to go into the water


She may be tiny, but she won this time


Sunset on one of the days the fog bank didn’t block the sun


One morning when I walked Blaze we found a tennis ball on the beach, which he thuroughly enjoyed




Wind was a factor most days, but it usualy died down when the sun went down


One day we checked out a lighthouse that was south of us.  Unfortunatley, most of it was closed in by fencing.  Here is the house below the lighthouse…


…and here is the lighthouse