September 2008

Last weekend we had the opportunity to go visit my parents up in Yerington, yeilding some new and interesting pictures.  Enjoy!

Here is Kaden with his Grandma.  He might be a litttle unsure in this picture:).  It’s ok Kaden, the rest of us are unsure as well!


He was really happy most of the weekend.  I don’t think I have ever seen such a smiley child!


April and Kaden


April and Kaden hanging on the couch


Anything he can grab goes straight to the mouth


Here I am with Kaden


Here he is all clean!


Now this is a strange sequence, so let me explain.  Apparently, it is fly season in Yerington, so there were many flies inside and out.  My dad, no longer content to pick them off one by one inside, decided to take the battle to the source.  The source is outside, obviously.  I am not sure if he is winning or not… 


Blazer loves Kaden


Blazer and Kaden just lounging


Hi Friends.  It has been some time since an update (we have been busy, but nothing exciting to take pictures of:)).  Here are some new, recent pictures of Kaden.  Enjoy!

Kaden and Auntie Lyndsey


Kaden is almost always on his stomach now – he wants to crawl pretty badly.


His favorite thing to do right now is to play in his bouncy seat – he really like to bounce!


Here he is getting ready for bed.


He’s a pretty happy guy…


This was his first walk in the backpack thing.  He really liked it, and the walking put him to sleep before we finished the walk.