Hi friends!  Last night I got back from a seven-day backpacking trip with Les Taylor, Ron Thompson, and his son Ryan.  We started out of the Granite Creek area and ended up in the Yosemite Valley.  I have a lot of pics from this trip, so I will put the best of the bunch up over the next week or so, organized by the day they were taken.  Here are 7 from the first day…

Here is Ryan cresting one of our first climbs…


At the top of the same climb, Ron is very energetic.


As I waited at our destination the first day, I took this creative shot of my pack.


This was home for day 1, Cora Lake. 


 This was not the last time on our trip that Les looked confused:)


A nice pic of Ron and Ryan as they prepared for the beginning of day 2.


Ron, Ryan, and Les just before our day 2 departure.