On July 2, our small group got together to help our friends Gary and Geri Meals move into a new house.  This move was interesting because they moved into our old house on 218 Drummond St in Nevada City!


“What’s this?” you ask.  This is us lowering a dressser out the upstairs window.  Trust me, it’s perfectly normal when you have a staircase the width of a vacuume cleaner.  Ok, I exagerate a little…  


Gary set up a nice pulley system to make it easier.


I don’t know how I ended up being the person underneath the nice pulley system though…


David is very happy about something, but usually it is better not to ask.


Here is the COO of the operation, Gary “MacGyver” Meals. 


And here is the CEO, Geri.


Caroline helped from inside the van:)


Jack manned the dolly…


and Kaden manned April.


Jordan was there, but was unrepresented by a photo so here is a token pic.  And for the record, Heather was behind the camera.  Not for this picture but the rest of them.  Oh never mind…


Here is the front of the Drummond St house.


A view towards the front yard where the pool used to be.


The garage.




Living room.


The room that used to be mom and dad’s.


The new walk-in closet the put into that room.


This is Buddy, Gary and Geri’s dog.  He definitly likes the grass in the front yard.