Last night we were able to go over to Lyndsey’s and David’s for some very nice tri-tip.  Deed’s was able to make it as well!  Note: Sorry for the graininess in these pictures – I had the ISO set way too high.  If you don’t know what ISO is, pretend I made the photo’s grainy on purpose.  If you do know what ISO is, please do the same:)


This is just a fun test picture.  We were messing with shutter speed so we thought we would make Lyndsey look like a ghost.


Here is Lyndsey and Dee-Dee.  Why is Dee-Dee pouting?  We have found that she doesn’t really need a reason, as she suffers from SPS (Spontaneous Pout Syndrome) 


Lyndsey hanging out with Kaden.


Dee-Dee, temporarily recovered from her bout of SPS, gets close to her nephew (she doesn’t know how, ahh, volatile he can be yet:))


This is one of the cooler picture from the evening, and seemed to be made for black and white.