Last weekend we had an opportunity to go campling with our small group, and let me tell you, it was HOT!  This was Kaden’s first camping trip, and during the day he did pretty well, but at night, not so much.  I realized after we got home that I didn’t have a single picture with the lake in it, but beleive me, it’s there:).  Enjoy the pictures.


Lyndsey, April, Kaden, Blazer, Pedro, and I got there early Friday afternoon.  Pedro is in a cage because he is a menace to society.


Menace or not, Lyndsey insists he come out of the cage sometimes


“What is David doing?” you ask.  Breathing in the refreshing smell of cat pee that seemed to be all over their stuff.


Never fear, like MacGyver, David has a plan.  Apparently, insect repellent is preferable to cat urine.


He looks proud, aye?


Gary and Sarah arrived late Friday evening.


 And Kris and Jiro arrived early Saturday morning.


 April and Kaden.  He was pretty warm most of our time there.


Jerome looks a bit to comfortable to me.


David and Jiro after some time at the lake.


Here we are waiting for a table at the restaurant Saturday evening.


This was the kids table…