Last weekend I got to meet my dad up at Fisher Lake.  The weather was a bit cool, and there was a surprising amount of snow still around, but I enjoyed the time up there with dad testing out some of my new backpacking equipment.  Incidentally, Blaze also had a lot of fun:)  Here are some pictures from the trip:

The old logging road was really hard to make out in some places because of the snow.  There was a section about a mile in length that was particularly difficult – it was really easy to get off track.

Near the top of the logging road, one of the landmarks is this old logging winch.  Because of the early time of year, not to much is growing around it right now, so it was a great time to snap a picture.  By mid-summer, this winch will be almost totally concealed. 

After leaving the logging road, one of the first signs that you are nearing Fisher Lake is this pond.

Here it is up close.  It is filled to the banks right now.

After leaving the pond, you catch your first glimpse of Fisher Lake…

Our normal campsite choice was flooded – too much snow up hill from it still.

Here we are at the campsite on the other side of the lake.  My dad, Tinker, and Blazer are enjoying the sunshine. 

The food was incredible, just ask Blaze.  By the time he finished with the remainder of this freeze-dried meal, the packaging was spotless.

This is a few from our campsite looking back at the lake into a late-afternoon sun.  I like the way this picture turned out.

Above the lake, there were many serious stretches of snow.  This bank looked like it extended a mile or so.

Blaze loves to look off of the high cliffs, I just happened to be underneath him this time.

The is the best view of the lake, looking from above on the NE side.  You can see Devils Peak in the distance, and if the picture extended to the right, Snow Mountain would also be visible.