Well, let’s get to th important information first! Kaden is doing well, and minus a little sleep deprivation, April and I are as well. He had his two week checkup on Tuesday, and we found that he was up to 8lbs 8oz (one half pound above birth weight) and 22.5 inches long (1.5 inches longer than at birth). His facial expression repertoire has increased, and he smiles quite often now. Here are some recent pictures of him with our new camera, the Nikon D40:

This is just before bed last night. Who could tell that he would decide not to sleep most of the night? He certainly looks content here!

At the time, the pacifier shot seemed appropriate, but in retrospect, that is a little disturbing, isn’t it?
Here are some Kaden eyes – he stays awake for pretty long stretches now.
Blazer likes to check up on him frequently…
OK, these pictures are just me messing around with the new camera. I know these small pictures don’t do the quality justice, but without me having become a better photographer, the quality of our pictures has improved dramatically. Here is our cat Sydney roaming the hillside behind our house.
I had always had trouble taking pictures of the cat before, because the the combination of the camera flash and white fur had always caused our camera to over-expose the whites. It looks like those days are over (and I don’t even know what I am doing yet!)


Here is one of Blazer. His coloring seems to have come out nice…

And here is Blaze’s famous “Whoa is me” look. This dog definitely has it rough…